"As a holistic registered nurse, I am all about root cause health management. What I want, for myself and others, is to--as much as possible--bypass the trappings of 'diagnose and drug' conventional standard-of-care medicine." Blair

Plasmalogenology 101

The Study of Plasmalogen Science and Optimization in Relation to Cognitive Health and Longevity

Health, longevity, root cause medicine, or science obsessed? Are you a functional medicine professional or biohacker interested in topics unfamiliar to most people today, but that everyone's going to be prioritizing in 10 years? If so, it's a pretty sure bet that you'll enjoy this series of short videos featuring Dr. Dayan Goodenowe of ProdromeSciences explaining the science and benefits of plasmalogen (pmg) optimization.

Interested in plasmalogen testing and supplementation for yourself or for your practice and patients?

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My Specialties

Troubleshooter--figuring out what's holding you back.

Advocate--getting what you need from healthcare practitioners (being prepared for visits, what tests and interventions to request, providing evidence based resources).

Empowerer--providing a personalized health optimization plan (lifestyle interventions, nutrition, physicality, supplementals)

HealthingYourself looks at wellness with a different lens enabling you to gain the traction you need to optimize health--the impact this will have on your life, now and in the future, is priceless!